Mature Skin


Micellar Skin Tonic

(Ref. 1107 50 ml | 1107P 150 ml)

Mild Facial Tonic On A Micellic Basis

The alcohol-free facial tonic, on an innovative micelle basis, is particularly suitable for mature skin. With the aid of micelle technology, the last traces of make-up and cleansing products are removed particularly gently and thoroughly.

Micelle technology is the characteristic of surfactants to spherically encapsulate dirt particles and then gently remove them from the skin. At the same time, saccharide isomerates and long-chain hyaluronic acid provide the skin with moisture.

Micellar Skin Tonic gives mature skin a soothing sensation of gentle freshness and suppleness. In this way, mature skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent care.

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Active Substances

  • Saccharide Isomerates: Moisture-holding substance obtained from natural sugars; it binds firmly to the skin’s keratin and, thanks to its good water-binding properties, allows the optimum moisture penetration of the skin
  • Long-Chained Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturising and binding


    • Gently removes residues from cleansing products
    • Alcohol-free
    • Stabilises and regenerates the skin’s acid protective layer
    • Moisturises
    • Refreshing and vitalising
    • Improves the skin's receptive capacity for subsequent care products

    Home Care Application

    Apply Micellar Skin Tonic in the morning and in the evening after cleansing with Multi Action Cleansing Balm. Apply Micellar Skin Tonic to a cotton pad and then stroke gently over your face, neck and décolleté – your usual care routine should follow.