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Hydrating Gel Mask

(Ref. 590 75 ml | 590P 200 ml)

Moisturizing Gel Mask

Nature has provided optimal protection against dehydration. Certain plants and micro-organisms adapt to their water-deficient habitats in remarkable ways.

This also includes the desert plant Imperata cylindrica. This sweet grass originates from the same family as sugar cane. Thanks to its high potassium content, the plant has been used as a salt substitute by Australia's natives since time immemorial. Potassium ions are responsible for maintaining the cells' osmotic equilibrium and protect against dehydration.

Hydrating Gel Mask contains an extract from Imperata cylindrica, transforming this pleasant smelling gel mask into a special effect mask. The high concentration of moisture retention substances immediately leaves the skin feeling fresh and is additionally aimed at achieving a long-term effect.

Even 24 hours following application onto the skin, the moisture content is still increased by 20%!

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Active Substances

  • Imperata cylindrica: Root extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica; native to Asia and Australia, it is able to survive even in extremely dry conditions; rich in potassium, moisturizing and moisture binding.
  • Sorbitol: Plant-based sugar substance with moisturizing properties.


    • Moisture retention factor with 24-hour long-term effect
    • The “freshness kick” fordehydrated skin
    • Skin-smoothing
    • Lipid-free
    • Simple and particularly quickapplication in the salon
    • Ideal for customers who do notlike an oily film on their skin

    Home Care Application:

    Generously apply Hydrating Gel Mask onto the corresponding areas of skin, including the eye area, in the sense of a mask or pack. Allow to work in for 5-20 minutes. Remove residues with moist mask sponges and continue skin treatment as usual.

    Tip: Hydrating Gel Mask is outstandingly suitable as a moisturizing “contact gel” for ultrasound applications. Store Hydrating Gel Mask in the refrigerator during the summer months. This will ensure that you always have a particularly cooling effect treatment to offer your customers!