Skin Excel Glass Ampoules


Detox Fluid

(Ref. 1929P 25x2ml)

Active Concentrate F Or Revitalized Skin:

A tired, dull complexion, and not as fit overall as we would like to be ? These are clear signs that our skin is crying out for refreshment. The magic formula? Detox! Activating the skin’s natural detoxification systems is proven to help prevent loss of vitality and the associated premature skin aging .

The increasingly hectic modern lifestyle and rising UV exposure are overwhelming to the natural cell cleansing system . Waste products (such as oxidized proteins and lipids) increasingly accumulate in the cells, leaving the skin looking older prematurely . “Age spots” are another example of this.

Detox Fluid contains active substances that support the skin’s natural process of breaking down damaged cell components . Highly active avocado peptides ensure that proteins that are no longer needed are broken down into smaller, recyclable fragments . The cell is relieved of its cellular waste, regaining almost the same vitality as a young cell. A special kind of yeast extract rich in α - glucan also activates the process of breaking down larger oxidized proteins and lipids, including the “age pigment” lipofuscin .

Alongside stimulating the body’s own natural detoxification mechanisms, t his concentrate also optimizes the moisture content of the skin with long - chain and short - chain hyaluronic acid.

The result: Even after just a short time, the complexion takes on a fresher, revitalized appearance . The appearance of age spots is reduced, an d wrinkles and fine lines take on a smoother appearance .

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  • Concentrated detox support for the skin
  • Stimulates the cellular detoxification systems
  • Prevents oxidative damage
  • Reduces age spots
  • Moisturizing
  • Revitalizes every cell in the skin
  • Maintains an even, youthfully radiant complexion
  • Active Substances

  • Avocado peptide : Peptid e c on c entrat e from the fruit of the avocado; stimulates naturally occurring detox processes in the cell and helps break down excess and unusable protein wa ste byproducts *
  • Yeast extract : Boosts the cell’s natural autophagocytosis process, breaks down “cellular waste” (oxidized proteins and lipids) in the cells. Results in improved skin radiance **
  • Long - chain h yaluron ic acid : Moisturizing, emollient, smoothing
  • Short - chain hyaluronic acid : Extremely moisturizing, locks in moisture, high ability to bind water, smooth e s and tones the surface of the skin from deep down
  • Home Care Application:

    Distribute Detox Fluid gently onto cleansed skin. To do so, break off the top of the ampoule, prot ecting your hands with a paper tissue, and pour the entire content into the palm of your hand. Then distribute evenly over the face and neck and press in gently .
    For external use only .

    Application note: Application with iontophoresis only if the skin con dition permits .
    Product electrode polarity: NEGATIVE ( - ), duration: 3 - 5 minutes .
    Tip: Especially effective when combined with Detox Cream or Detox Formula.
    * Source: Expanscience: I n vitro study with 0.005% a vocado peptid e . ** Source: Silab: A pplication test with 3% yeast extract ( rich in polysaccharide α - g lucan) on 17 test subjects .