Daily Couperose Serum

(Ref. 2033 30 ml)


Daily Couperose Serum is specially formulated for sensitive skin prone to redness and spider veins. In addition, it is also suitable as accompanying care for light rosacea.

The sensitive complex strengthens the skin’s capillary system and reduces redness. Placebo-controlled studies show an improvement in skin tone (in the case of redness) by more than 30% after twice daily use. The number of spider veins can be reduced by 20%*. At the same time, the active ingredient RSC-Neutralizer reduces redness by reducing the release of pro-inflammatory neurotransmitters (in vitro). Clinical studies show a significant reduction in capillary blood flow by more than 50% (after 56 days) versus the placebo. This visibly reduces the signs of mild rosacea *.

The complex is supplemented with barrier-strengthening isostearyl isostearate (ISIS for short) and the anti-inflammatory agents allantoin and alpha-bisabolol. Hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate moisturise and protect for 72 hours.

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  • RSC-Neutralizer: Has both anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to inhibit the release of LL-37-induced pro-inflammatory cytokines. It reduces capillary blood flow and associated redness typical of rosacea
  • Sensitive complex: A highly active plant extract containing the active ingredients from Asian marsh pennywort, butcher’s broom, marigolds, horse chestnuts and liquorice roots which soothes any signs of irritation (redness, swelling, feelings of tightness)
  • α-Bisabolol: Soothing, anti-inflammatory, relieves irritation
  • Allantoin: Soothes the skin, reduces redness
  • Long-chain and short-chain hyaluronic acid: Intensively moisturises and protects
  • Saccharide isomerate: A skin-identical carbohydrate complex for long-lasting hydration of the skin (72-hour long-term effect)
  • ISIS (Isostearyl Isostearate): An emollient derived from raw plant-based materials, clinical studies have shown that it integrates into the intercellular lipids and thus strengthens the barrier function of the skin

  • Special care for skin prone to couperose
  • Visibly improves the appearance of couperose skin
  • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Reinforces and strengthens the vascular walls
  • Accompanying care at the first sign of mild rosacea
  • Increases the skin’s moisture content
  • Home care application

    Apply mornings and evenings to the skin and massage in gently. Then apply your usual lotion over it.
    Recommendation: Couperose skin and sunlight do not mix. Face Guard Advanced provides optimal sun protection. The feather-light emulsion lays gently on the skin and reflects UV radiation. Simply apply Face Guard Advanced daily under the Daily Couperose Serum. Then continue with the recommended care.

    * Efficacy study with RSC-Neutralizer
    * Efficacy study with sensitive complex

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