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Ceramide Balance
Ceramide Balance is a special anti-aging skin treatment that provides a protective barrier for the skin while it renews lipids that has been lost. It is provided in soft gel capsules; each capsule is a single dose, for precisely metered application. Ceramide Borage Oil enables continued moisture accumulation in the epidermis, forming a barrier against evaporation and the ensuing skin dryness. Vitamin A improves the skin's texture, firmness and smoothness, is used to stimulate smooth fine lines and eliminate wrinkles. Vitamin E improves transepidermal water loss, thereby improving appearance of rough, dry and damaged skin and helps to maintain connective tissue. Applied before sun exposure, Vitamin E acts protective against epidermal cell damage caused by inflammation. This unique ingredients cocktail is full of antioxidants and prevents pre-mature aging.

        This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 04 November, 2007.
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