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Q-10 Radiance
Q 10 Radiance fights the first signs of aging! Q 10 Radiance stimulates cell vitality and supports cell regeneration process. Coenzyme Q10 is a natural bioenergetic and found within the human body. It has a protective effect against free-radicals. It is provided in soft gel capsules; each capsule is a single dose, for precisely metered application. Q10 Radiance improves the skin's texture, firmness and smoothness, is used to stimulate smooth fine lines and eliminate wrinkles. Improving transepidermal water loss, thereby aid towards appearance of rough, dry and damaged skin and helps to maintain connective tissue. Apply before sun exposure, Q10 Radiance act protective against epidermal cell damage caused by inflammation. This unique ingredients cocktail is full of antioxidants and prevents pre-mature aging!

        This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 04 November, 2007.
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