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Retexturizing Scar Cream
This herbal formulation will treat superficial skin lesions. This scars can appear after injury of the skin, e.g. Acne. Scar tissues is a replacement of connective tissue to close the skin wound. Scar tissue is different in building blocks and texture than the surrounding skin: Scar tissue has less elastic fibers (collagen) leading to shrinking and hardening of tissue. The scar can be pulled back inside when a wound does not heal the proper way. Often the development of connective tissues fibers is not enough. A deep lying scar appears, less circulated by blood while containing less tissue fluid.

For support it is advisable to apply Retexturizing Scar Cream after the healing process on the scar to keep the area soft and smooth.

Retexturizing Scar Cream is a pleasant 24 hour aid with a cooling sensation and can be applied as often as necessary.

Tip: Avoid sun light exposure, sauna and cold temperatures during the healing process in order to have the scar adapting to a similar texture as the healthy surrounding tissue.

        This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 04 November, 2007.
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