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Anti Stretch Cream
Stretch marks (Straie) form when the skin is rapidly stretched and the middle part of the connective tissue, which makes up the structural support of the skin, is torn apart. Scarring occurs when the new collagen bundles begin to form in order to repair the damage. This can happen through sudden weight gain such as in the case of pregnancy or a sudden stretching of the skin when doing physical exercises. Heredity can play a role in some individuals who are prone to straie.

Stretch marks are affected in the dermis by preventing the fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastic fibers, necessary to keep rapidly growing skin taut. This creates a lack of supportive material, as the skin is stretched and leads to dermal tearing. The epidermal cells are also affected, so the epidermis becomes thin and flattened, allowing for more visibility of the defects below.

If you were to look at a stretch mark under the microscope, you'd see that the dermis is thinner than normal. The collagen fibers have been pulled apart from each other, and the elastic fibers are broken and lie clumped along the edges of the stretch mark.

Anti Stretch Mark Cream will rebuild the collagen matrix by a more regular tissue renewal process (inhibition of collagenase). Lack of skin elasticity will be recovered

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